Scalarama (1-30 September 2017) is a celebration of cinema, for everyone, by everyone, everywhere, taking place every September.

Imagine a month of cinema – 30 days in which cinemas across the world join together to celebrate watching films together – where cities, towns and villages are transformed with cinemas popping up in unexpected places – and where classic, rare or locally made films get an annual showing. This is Scalarama!

Since 2011, every September, cinemas, film clubs and film festivals plus various organisations and individuals who have a passion for movies, have united to celebrate and encourage watching films together. This annual celebration, started in the UK, sees September transform into a month of amazing films, screened in various locations and by all different types of people – from established picture palaces to newbies, completely new to screening films.

Scalarama is by everyone, for everyone, everywhere, with DIY in its veins. There’s no cost to being involved, and we hope you find new activities, venues and friendships wherever you live.

Scalarama 2017 is confirmed to take place in the UK in Leeds – Manchester – Glasgow – Brighton – London – Bristol – Nottingham – Liverpool – Birmingham – Hull and in France Toulouse, with many more cities to be confirmed.

Want to start a Scalarama in your village, town or city? Just drop us a line at and we’ll get you started. Gather like minded people, plan in advance, keep it inclusive and share your passion!