Scalarama Nottingham

Scalarama Nottingham

Active since 2012’s Scala Beyond, Nottingham Scalarama has often boasted the most number of screenings outside of London. Last year’s highlights included a screening of The Running Man at Nottingham Quasar with optional laser-quest adventures, plus multiple open air screenings in plazas parks, abbeys, and gardens. Fill your boots.

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Nottingham Events

Come & join us to celebrate the end of #Scalarama2019 - a super September of cinematic joy. Expect good vibes, live DJ, bar, snacks & an optional fun film quiz. Who’s in for funday munday? 30th Sep 6-10pm @workssocial All welcome with FREE 🎟 in advance

You’re so cool, you’re so cool, you’re so cool...but only if you’ve got your tickets to the special @ScalaramaNotts screening of #TrueRomance presented by loftmovienotts next Tuesday 24th September savoy_cinemas…

For relaxing times, make it suntorywhisky times...We CANNOT wait for this Saturday night’s screening of #LostInTranslation and mini Temaki sushi school hosted by basedonatruestorycinema and kingswalkkitchen…