The Four Steps of Scalarama

What is Scalarama and how can you get involved?

There are 4 simple steps to getting involved in Scalarama and we invite everyone to take as many or as few as they want. Scalarama is a season of films in cinemas across the UK but it is also a state of mind, helping people connect over cinema in September – so even if you don’t make it to a screening, there are many ways to support the initiative.

STEP ONE – Pledge to go to the cinema more in September

Plan ahead and start inviting people to go to the cinema with you in September. Use it as a useful social event to reconnect. Or maybe use Scalarama just as an excuse to talk about your favourite film and cinema experiences with friends, family, colleagues or neighbours. Start conversations with strangers on the bus, at the shops or in waiting rooms! Encourage people to head to their local cinema to support filmmaking for the big screen, and keep the cinema flame burning for the next generation.

STEP TWO – Pledge to discover more types of cinema in September

Start a cinema adventure in September by trying out something new – maybe it’s a cinema you’ve never been to before, or you discover a new film club happening in your local area. Or maybe set yourself a challenge to watch a different kind of film than you would usually see. Maybe it’s an all-night film marathon, or locally made short films by a young filmmaker. Maybe it’s watching more films made by women or from a country you’ve never experienced. Let cinema inspire you to change the way you see things and experience something new.

STEP THREE – Pledge to show a film to others in September

So you love cinema? You go to the cinema a lot and feel you are always adventurous already? Well why not take the next step and find out how to start screening films to others. You could start by organising events at your own house by taking part in Home Cinema Day on the last Sunday of September. Or maybe you want to put on public events but don’t know where to start. Don’t fear – Scalarama is here! The Scalarama team compile helpful guides and provide links to help you start off on the right foot as part our “I Want To Be A Cinema” initiatives. Don’t see the films you want to see at your local cinema? Well, make your own in September!

STEP FOUR – Pledge to support your own Scalarama groups

Scalarama has expanded over the years, with local groups of cinemas, film clubs and film fans coming together to support each other and help spread the cinema love at a grassroots level. Cities such as Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Brighton, Bristol and Edinburgh have seen groups of film fans work together to create a vibrant and diverse cinema offering in their areas each September. The final step of Scalarama is one of support – if you already screen films or have an interest in cinema, why not link up with other local people to form your own Scalarama group? Or why not link up nationally with people with similar interests and form a nationwide group to support your favourite types of cinema? Ultimately, Scalarama is about collaboration over competition and the belief that cinema can bring people together to change the world, one great movie at a time.