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Scalarama Glasgow is coordinated by Sean Welsh. Email for details.

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Previous Participants: Analogue Film Scotland, Blueprint, Britannia Panopticon Music Hall, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Cinema UP Collective, Document Human Rights Film Festival, Faith In Film, Glasgow Film Theatre, Grosvenor Cinema, LightShow Film Club, Matchbox Cineclub, Mattev, The Old Hairdresser’s, Physical Impossibility, The Planetarium at Glasgow Science Centre, Pollywood Community Cinema, Psychotronic Cinema, Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Sloans, Something Weird Film Club, Southside Film Festival, Strange Vice, Sunder Cinema, VHS Trash Fest

Glasgow Events

Do you live in #Glasgow? Like #film? Come along to our screening of The Beguiled next week - tickets are only £3 (free for concessions) and there'll be popcorn and a wee chat afterwards 📽️📽️

I’m trying to turn my desire to do something productive around film into reality soooo would any female/nb critics maybe be interested in an informal screening club every month? NO PROMISES BUT IF THERE IS INTEREST MAYBE I CAN DO A THING

You want to do amazing things with your cinema or film festival AND you want a big audience to turn up? Then you should apply for our #REACH course