So you want to submit an event to Scalarama? Welcome! Please make sure you have read our overview on what makes a Scalarama event.

To submit an event, you will first need to register an online account

(Please note, this is a new system, so previous Scalarama organisers will need to create a new account)

You just need to pick a username and email address, then the site will send you an email to confirm, and with a link to pick your password, and then you will be logged in, or be able to log in at the below link.

Click here to then SUBMIT an event to the calendar.

Submitted events will be reviewed by a member of the Scalarama team and put up online as soon as possible. They’ll get in touch on the email provided if there is any more information needed.

Once logged in, you will able to see your submitted events as well as edit them and remove them if necessary. We ask that all users keep events updated with any changes, such as time/date change, updated weblinks etc. If the event is cancelled, please could you either amend the event to say it is cancelled or if removing it from the site, let a member of the Scalarama team know, by emailing them at or tweeting @Scalarama.