So you want to be part of Scalarama?

Are you prepared to devote your life to cinema?!

Well, at least some more hours to it…

There are many ways to be involved, from attending one of the hundreds of events that will take place in September, to following the event on social media, and simply talking about your favourite films and cinemas to others.


If you want to put on event as part of #Scalarama2018

  • It’s FREE to be part of Scalarama and everyone is welcome. All you need to do is put on a film screening during September and submit it to the Scalarama website.
  • There’s no deadline to taking part but if you submit early (exact deadline dates tbc), you’ll be included in the Scalarama newspaper.
  • You can choose whatever you want to show and run your event however you like – you can charge for your screening or make it free, either way Scalarama doesn’t take a cut of your box office – likewise, unfortunately we can’t fund individual events, but we’re working with distributors to make a shared programme of discounted film titles.
  • Once submitted, your event will be included in national promotions and if there are other events locally, Scalarama can connect you with fellow organisers to help promote on the ground and meet likeminded people.


If you’d like to find out more about how you can help – from putting on an event, to supporting local plans – click one of the link below.

Click here to find out how to organise a local meet up group.

Click here to find out how to put on your own film screening.

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