Meet the Exhibitor | Chapel FM Arts Centre

Name: Adrian Sinclair

Exhibitor: Chapel FM Arts Centre, Leeds

Fantasy Double Bill: Blue Collar & Being There

Screening: Flicker+Pulse, Radio Atlas, Open Mic

Tell us about your organisation

It’s the first-ever arts centre in East Leeds and it’s lovely.

Tell us about your Scalarama event this year

Three events – Flicker + Pulse (film of a walled garden plus home-grown food in the garden); Radio Atlas (film that isn’t really a film); Open Mic (film-themed).

Tell us what Scalarama means to you

A chance to put on film without asking anyone for permission!

Why should people come to your event?

Always good to have an excuse to come to Seacroft?

What Scalarama event(s) besides your own are you looking forward to?

The Opening Party and everything else that follows!

Chapel FM Arts Centre screen Flicker+Pulse Sunday 02/09, Radio Atlas Saturday 14/09 and Open Mic Saturday 28/09 at Chapel FM Arts Centre.

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