Meet the Exhibitor | Southern Exposure

Name: Kate Coventry

Exhibitor: Southern Exposure, Glasgow

Fantasy Double Bill:  For Southern Exposure, I would love to do a double bill of Crush (Alison Maclean, 1993) and Snakeskin (Gillian Ashurst, 2001), two deeply odd and fantastic films from two great women. I would also chuck Maclean’s short film Kitchen Sink (1989) in there, as I have very fond memories of coming across it on late night television as a kid and being profoundly freaked out but fascinated by it.

Screening: Forgotten Silver

Tell us about your organisation

Southern Exposure is a series of screenings of films from New Zealand, where I grew up. There’s a huge amount of brilliant NZ cinema, and this strand is a chance for me to bring some of that greatness to Scotland.

Tell us about your Scalarama event this year

We are screening Costa Botes’ and Peter Jackson’s television faux-documentary Forgotten Silver. This aired on New Zealand TV in 1995, and ostensibly describes the life and work of Kiwi pioneer filmmaker Colin McKenzie, an genius who somehow managed to invent many cinematic techniques (the tracking shot, the closeup) and technical achievements (both sound *and* colour) years before the accepted historic timeline. The backlash when many a mistaken viewer realised that they had been taken in was swift and hilarious, and has become a piece of NZ screen history.

Tell us what Scalarama means to you

Scalarama is a chance for anyone to get involved in film exhibition, a world that often seems mysterious and inaccessible. It’s a wonderful celebration of the many voices of the community, as well as odd and not often seen gems of cinema. What’s brilliant about it is that everyone’s event comes from a love of what they’re screening – it’s a giant conversation about people’s favourite movies, and who doesn’t love that?

Why should people come to your event?

Because it’s funny! Mainly.

What Scalarama event(s) besides your own are you looking forward to?

Loads! ISO Design Studio are doing a Dogtooth/Mustang double bill, I love both those movies, and I think they make a great pair. I’m also looking forward to Matchbox’s Joe Dante’s The Movie Orgy, cos I really have no idea what to expect. There’s a screening of Harold and Maude that I don’t want to miss, and also the first ever episode of Taggart is showing with a Q&A with Glenn Chandler (writer) and Robert Love (producer).

Southern Exposure screen Forgotten Silver Wednesday 05/09 at ISO Design.

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