Meet the Exhibitor | MWM

Name: Megan Mitchell

Exhibitor: MWM

Fantasy Double Bill: Valley Girl/Saw

Screening: Harold and Maude

Tell us about your organisation

It’s just me – usually I’m assisting with others events, or programming mainstream content for a cinema, so for this year’s Scalarama I thought I’d do something that is just a little more ‘just for the sake of it’!

Tell us about your Scalarama event this year

I’m screening Harold and Maude (1971) at the Old Hairdressers, a great film which I think more people should see on the big screen. Featuring a fantastic soundtrack by Cat Stevens, this unforgettable love story between an 80-year-old and a 17-year-old is not to be missed!

Tell us what Scalarama means to you

Scalarama offers an opportunity for a diverse range of people to come together and celebrate film, right from everyone exhibiting to the actual audiences at each event. It’s a month each year where in Glasgow, and all across Scotland, people can celebrate cinema in whatever form they want, whilst benefiting from the collective efforts of support and marketing of Scalarama.

Why should people come to your event?

Cat Stevens songs as the soundtrack to a 60+ year gap love story, that’s why.

What Scalarama event(s) besides your own are you looking forward to?

The Opening Party was a blast definitely, but thankfully the month still has so much more to offer! Joe Dante’s The Movie Orgy on Sunday the 9th will be literal hours and hours of fun, and one of my favourite horror films, Dumplings, is screening on the 18th!

Anything else you want to tell people about?

If you’re screening films – pay for them! Film licenses (and venue licences) can be confusing but the whole Scalarama team, as well as many other film orgs across the UK including Film Hubs, Cinema for All and ICO, are more than happy to give advice!

MWM screens Harold and Maude Thursday 13/09 at The Old Hairdressers.

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