Scala Cinema: The Book

Scalarama 2018 will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Scala Cinema – the legendary picture palace that inspired the very first Scala season back in 2011. Jane Giles, former programmer and manager of the cinema, has teamed up with FAB Press on a heroic quest to bring together all of the Scala’s iconic programmes together in one huge (and we mean MASSIVE!) book. After successfully crowdfunding over £30,000 to get the book into print, there are now less than 24 hours to contribute to the crowdfunder campaign. After that the cost of the book goes up, so get a bargain whilst you can!

Get your purses ready and head to the Indiegogo page now!

Here’s the info about the book:

A million people went through the doors of London’s Scala cinema between June 1978-June 1993. Were you one of them? 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the first Scala programme and 25 years since the cinema’s closure. It’s time to tell the Scala’s story, what was on the screen and what happened behind the scenes at the world’s greatest independent cinema during that turbulent time. A one-off, this incomparable book features for the first time the complete set of Scala programmes, and more.

And the crowdfunder video, made by Nucleus Films.