Third Window Films was born in 2005 when its film-loving founders grew bored of the stream of worn-out shock horror vehicles from the Far East.

Third Window Films works hard to bring you the wonderful world beyond long-haired ghost films and mindless Hollywood action copies, sourcing the finest works in new Far Eastern cinema. We strive to represent a rich variety of film genres, be they dramas, comedies, political satires, action or anything else in between. Expect everything from the unknown and cult to the off-beat and even the occasional mainstream masterpiece… or expect nothing but quality Asian cinema!

Third Window are pleased to offer two new titles from their catalogue of exceptional films with a special deal for Scalarama.

Terms: Flat fee £120 + VAT per title
To book, email with your screening date and venue.

Lowlife Love

Original Title: 下衆の愛
Japan / 2015 / cert 15 / 110 mins
Black Comedy / Japanese with English subtitles
Format: Blu-ray
Dir: Eiji Uchida. Cast: Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Maya Okano, Denden, Yoshihiko Hosoda, Shugo Oshinari, Chika Uchida

Tetsuo (Kiyohiko Shibukawa) is a lowlife. A film director with a small indie hit many years back, yet he has never gotten any further as he refuses to go against his ‘artistic integrity’.
He gets by exploiting his friend Mamoru (Yoshihiko Hosoda) & the students of his actors’ school. One day two new students come to his school: Minami (Maya Okano), a naive and fresh girl from the countryside who wants to be an actress and Ken (Shugo Oshinari), a scriptwriter.
Tetsuo thinks Minami could be a real star and Ken has a brilliant script which could relaunch his career as a director, with Minami his muse. With the help of Kida (Denden), an unsavory film producer, they strive to turn this project into something tangible, but Minami’s ability starts to turn the heads of other film directors such as Kano (Kanji Furutachi) and Shinjo (Kanji Tsuda), and soon Tetsuo’s world stars to unravel.

Fires on the Plain

Dir: Shinya Tsukamoto. Cast: Shinya Tsukamoto, Tatsuya Nakamura, Lily Franky, Yûko Nakamura
Original Title: 野火
Japan / 2015 / 87mins
Horror / Japanese with English subtitles

In the final stages of WWII, the occupying Japanese army in the Philippines is rapidly losing ground, facing local resistance combined with an American offensive. The final few Japanese survivors, having almost been wiped out, have crossed the threshold into a realm where there are no friends, no enemies and no God.