Based in Old Colwyn, Wales, TAPE is a community arts charity which offers creative opportunities for everyone. British Winters is the first feature film to come from TAPE, and the team are now looking to present the work theatrically and share the inspiring story behind the making of this fantastic film. British Winters is a success story because not only is it a great tale well told, it is also evidence of inclusive, person-centred arts practice generating real world opportunities and an alternate route into creative filmmaking for people of all ages. TAPE are looking for venues large and small in which to present the film and share the experiences behind the making of it, with Steve Swindon from the organisation on hand for Q&As and introductions. 

British Winters

Directors: Andrew Turner/Roque Cameselle / UK / 2016 / 1hr 48mins
Synopsis: A debut film from writer/director Andrew Turner and produced through community arts charity, TAPE; British Winters is the gripping story of one man’s struggle with life and his place in the world.
Procrastinator Noel Winters may be surrounded by friends and family but he’s lonely, disenchanted and, frankly, lazy. Disillusioned with himself as much as the outside world, he draws inspiration from his younger adopted sister, Hannah, who becomes a beacon of hope in a world Noel finds increasingly challenging. Forced to confront his life and everyone in it, Noel finally makes a life-changing decision. But will it be the right one?
Format available on:DVD / DCP
When available to screen from:Ongoing


Why should people book it: British Winters is a great story on screen and off. A community-made feature film in which over 50% of the 115 people received additional support to take part.