Director: Gareth Tunley

Year: 2017

Country: UK

Length: 85 minutes

Synopsis: When homicide detective Chris (Tom Meeten) is called to London he is shown round a strange double murder scene by a colleague where the victims seemed to have kept moving despite taking bullets to the chest and head. On a hunch and with the help of an old colleague (and ex) Kathleen (Alice Lowe), Chris decides to go undercover as a patient to investigate a suspect’s psychotherapist, the mysterious Alexander Morland (Geoffrey McGivern). But, as his therapy sessions continue, the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur and he begins to question his own identity…

Format available on: DCP, Bluray, DVD
When available to screen from: From August 11th  
Terms: Open to discussion. 
How to book: Please contact Codie on Online screeners are available for the film for those wishing to book the film.

Any logos/publicity requirements: N/A

Images / trailer / poster available? Yes. Please contact Codie on

Why should people book it The Ghoul is a British Independent psychological thriller about madness, maths and magic. It’s about the dangers of belief, the potentials and perils of radical approaches to psychotherapy and the destructive power of love. It’s also a film about London. In The Ghoul, the English capital is a brooding, ever-changing presence in the story. TheGhoul is a vision of London as hell. The script shifts and warps from an investigation with occult undertones, into a character study before shifting gears again as Tom Meeten’s rogue cop / troubled loner undergoes a startling, mental and existential transformation. The Ghoul is an ensemble piece, the characters, all seen ‘through a glass darkly’, have multiple and often mysterious motivations. The film is directed by Gareth Tunley, executive produced by Ben Wheatley and stars Tom Meeten, Alice Lowe, Paul Kaye and Dan Skinner

Complimentary programming ideas? Depending on the location and date, the production team are available for Q&A and masterclasses.