Arrow Video / Arrow Films team up with Scalarama for the fourth year running to offer a special September discount on bookings of their back catalogue titles. Or help support British Independent Film and book Arrow Film’s new release of THE GHOUL, a mind bending thriller Executive Produced by Ben Wheatley and directed by Gareth Tunley. Please take a look at the list of titles below, and check with Codie from Arrow on their availability (dependent on rights) and terms – the more you book, the better the deal! Email:

** NEWLY UPDATED ** New restorations of The Crazies and Season of the Witch (1973) for the sadly departed George A. Romero now added to the available titles. Perfect for your Romero tributes this September.

5 Dolls For An August Moon1970Mario BavaItalyThriller
5 Donne Per L'Assassino (aka Five Women for the Killer)1974Stelvio MassiItalyThriller
16122007Vladimir KhotinenkoRussiaDrama, War
A Hijacking2012Tobias LindholmDenmarkDrama, Thriller
A Private Function1984Malcolm MowbrayUKComedy
A short working Day (Kieslowski)1981Krzysztof KieslowskiPolandDrama
A Simple Life2011Ann HuiHong KongDrama
A Strange Course of Events2013Raphaël NadjariFrance, IsraelDrama
A Taste of Blood1967Herschell Gordon LewisUSAHorror
A Thousand Times Goodnight2013Erik PoppeIreland, NorwayDrama, War
A Touch of Class1973Melvin FrankUKComedy, Romance
A Touch of Sin2013Zhangke JiaChinaDrama
Above the Street Below the Water2009Charlotte SielingDenmarkDrama
Accidental Love (Nailed)2015David O. RussellUSAComedy
After the Storm2016Hirokazu KoreedaJapanDrama
Aiyoku no Wana1973Atsushi YamatoyaJapanAction, Crime
Alatriste2006Agustín Díaz YanesSpainAdventure, Drama
Amour Fou2014Jessica HausnerAustria, GermanyComedy, Drama
An Ordinary Execution2010Marc DugainFranceDrama
Anguish2015Sonny MallhiUSAHorror, Drama
Aquarius2016Kleber Mendonça FilhoBrazil, FranceDrama
Arthur and Mike (Arthur Newman)2012Dante AriolaUSADrama
Audition1999Takashi MiikeJapanHorror, Drama
BackTrack2015Michael PetroniAustraliaHorror, Drama
Baraka1992Ron FrickeUSADocumentary
Baron Blood1972Mario BavaItalyHorror
Battle Royale2000Kinji FukasakuJapanThriller, Action
Battles without Honor and Humanity1973Kinji FukasakuJapanCrime, Drama, Action
Battles without Honor and Humanity: Deadly Fight in Hiroshima1973Kinji FukasakuJapanCrime, Drama, Action
Battles without Honor and Humanity: Final Episode1974Kinji FukasakuJapanCrime, Drama, Action
Battles without Honor and Humanity: Police Tactics1974Kinji FukasakuJapanCrime, Drama, Action
Battles without Honor and Humanity: Proxy War1973Kinji FukasakuJapanCrime, Drama, Action
Bekas2012Karzan KaderIraqDrama
Beneath2013Ben KetaiUSAHorror
Beware of a Holy Whore1971Rainer Werner FassbinderGermanyComedy, Drama
Bicycle Thieves1948Vittorio De SicaItalyDrama
Bird With the Crystal Plumage1970Dario ArgentoGermany, ItalyHorror, Thriller
Bitter Harvest2017George MendelukCanadaDrama, War, Romance
Black Heaven2010Gilles MarchandFranceDrama, Thriller
Black Sabbath1963Mario BavaItalyHorror
Black Sunday (aka The Mask of Satan)1960Mario BavaItalyHorror
Blanche1971Walerian BorowczykFranceDrama
Blind Woman's Curse1970Teruo IshiiJapanAction, Horror
Blood and Black Lace1964Mario BavaItalyHorror
Blood Feast1963Herschell Gordon LewisUSAHorror
Blood Rage (aka Nightmare at Shadow Woods)1987John GrissmerUSAHorror
Bloody Business2006Perry MartinUSADocumentary
Branded to Kill1967Seijun SuzukiJapanAction, Crime
Bride of Re-animator1989Brian YuznaUSAHorror, Comedy
Burnt By The Sun II2010Nikita MikhalkovRussiaDrama, War
Burnt By The Sun III2011Nikita MikhalkovRussiaDrama, War
Bye Bye Blondie2012Virginie DespentesFranceComedy, Drama
Cabin Fever2016Travis ZariwnyUSAHorror
Caliber 9 + Bonus1972Fernando Di LeoItalyAction, Crime
Camille 20001969Radley MetzgerItalyDrama, Romance
Catfight2016Onur TukelUSAComedy
Chinese Roulette1976Rainer Werner FassbinderGermanyDrama, Thriller
Christmas Evil1980Lewis JacksonUSAHorror, Thriller
Cimetero senza Croci (Cemetery Without Crosses)1968Robert HosseinFrance, ItalyWestern
Cinema Paradiso1988Giuseppe TornatoreItalyDrama
City of the Dead1960John Llewellyn MoxeyUKHorror, Thriller
Closely Observed Trains1966Jirí MenzelCzechComedy, Drama
Color Me Blood Red1965Herschell Gordon LewisUSAHorror
Contamination1980Luigi CozziItalyHorror, Sci-Fi
Cops vs Thugs1975Kinji FukasakuJapanAction, Crime
Cosa Avete Fatto a Solange / What Have You Done To Solange1972Massimo DallamanoItalyHorror, Thriller
Cosmos2015Andrzej ZulawskiFranceDrama
Crawl2011Paul ChinaAustraliaCrime, Thriller
Danger Pays1962Kô NakahiraJapanAction, Adventure
Day of Anger1967Tonino ValeriiItalyWestern
Deadly Outlaw Rekka2002Takashi MiikeJapanCrime, Drama
Deep Red (Profondo Rosso)1975Dario ArgentoItalyHorror, Thriller
Dekalogue1989Krzysztof KieslowskiPolandDrama
Demons1985Lamberto BavaItalyHorror
Demons 21986Lamberto BavaItalyHorror
Departures2008Yôjirô TakitaJapanDrama
Detective Doberman1977Kinji FukasakuJapanAction, Crime
Diptyque1967Walerian BorowczykFranceShort
Donnie Darko (Theatrical & Director's Cut)2001Richard KellyUSASci-Fi, Thriller
Eaten Alive1976Tobe HooperUSAHorror, Thriller
Effi Briest1974Rainer Werner FassbinderGermanyDrama
Eros + Massacre (Short & Long Version)1969Yoshishige YoshidaJapanDrama
Evil Ed1995Anders JacobssonSwedenHorror, Comedy
Evil Eye (aka The Girl Who Knew Too Much)1963Mario BavaItalyThriller
Exit2006Peter LindmarkSwedenDrama, Thriller
False Trail2011Kjell SundvallSwedenCrime, Thriller
Fear Eats The Soul1974Rainer Werner FassbinderGermanyDrama, Romance
Female Convict: 701 Scorpion1972Shun'ya ItôJapanCrime, Thriller
Female Convict: Den of Beast1973Shun'ya ItôJapanCrime, Thriller
Female Convict: Grudge Song1973Yasuharu HasebeJapanCrime, Thriller
Female Convict: Jail House1972Shun'ya ItôJapanCrime, Thriller
Final Girl2015Tyler ShieldsCanadaAction, Thriller
Fireman's Ball1967Milos FormanCzechComedy, Drama
Forbidden Zone1980Richard ElfmanUSAComedy, Fantasy, Musical
Four Times That Night1971Mario BavaGermany, ItalyComedy
Fox and His Friends1975Rainer Werner FassbinderGermanyDrama, Romance
Giorni dell'ira (aka Day of Anger)1967Tonino ValeriiItalyWestern
Girls Against Boys2012Austin ChickUSAHorror, Thriller
God's Pocket2014John SlatteryUSACrime, Drama
Good Kill2014Andrew NiccolUSADrama, War
Goto Isle of Love1969Walerian BorowczykFranceDrama
Hangmen Also die!1943Fritz LangUSADrama, Thriller
Hard to be a God2013Aleksey GermanRussiaDrama, Sci-Fi
Hatchett II2010Adam GreenUSAHorror, Comedy
Headshot2016Kimo Stamboel, Timo TjahjantoIndonesiaAction, Crime
Heroic Purgatory1970Yoshishige YoshidaJapanDrama, Fantasy
Hired to Kill1990Nico Mastorakis, Peter RaderUSAAction, Thriller
Honeymoon2014Leigh JaniakUSAHorror, Thriller
House1985Steve MinerUSAHorror
House II: The Second Story1987Ethan WileyUSAHorror
House III (The Horror Show)1989James IsaacUSAHorror
House IV1992Lewis AbernathyUSAHorror
How to Get Ahead in Advertising1989Bruce RobinsonUKComedy, Fantasy
How to Make a Doll1968Herschell Gordon LewisUSASci-Fi, Horror
How to Make Love Like an Englishman (Some Kind of Beautiful)2014Tom VaughanUK, USAComedy, Romance
Human Capital2013Paolo VirzìItalyDrama
I Served The King Of England2006Jirí MenzelCzechComedy, Drama
I Wish2011Hirokazu KoreedaJapanDrama
Immoral Tales1973Walerian BorowczykFranceDrama, Romance
In The Name of the King: Two Worlds2011Uwe BollCanadaAction, Adventure
Island of Death1976Nico MastorakisGreeceHorror
Jamaica Inn1939Alfred HitchcockUKCrime, Adventure
Just For the Hell of It1968Herschell Gordon LewisUSAThriller
Kageroza1983Seijun SuzukiJapanMystery
Katzelmacher1969Rainer Werner FassbinderGermanyDrama
Kidnapped (aka Rabid Dogs)1974Mario BavaItalyCrime, Thriller
King of Devil's Island2010Marius HolstNorwayAction, Drama
King of New York1990Abel FerraraUSACrime, Thriller
Klown: The Movie2010Mikkel NørgaardDenmarkComedy
L'arbre, le maire et la mediatheque (aka The Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque)1993Éric RohmerFranceComedy
L'Assassino (aka The Assassin)1961Elio PetriFrance, ItalyCrime, Thriller
La Grande Bouffe1973Marco FerreriFrance, ItalyComedy, Drama
La Vie Revee des Anges (aka The Dreamlife of Angels)1998Erick ZoncaFranceDrama
Le Ambiziose1961Antonio AmendolaItalyComedy
Le concert de M. et Mme. Kabal1962Walerian BorowczykFranceShort
Le Plaisir1952Max OphülsFranceComedy, Drama, Romance
Lemon Popsicle1978Boaz DavidsonIsraelComedy
Lessons in love (Some Kind of Beautiful)2014Tom VaughanUK, USAComedy, Romance
Letter to Jane1972Groupe Dziga Vertov, Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre GorinFranceDocumentary
Light the Fuse... Sartana Is Coming1970Giuliano CarnimeoItaly, SpainWestern
Like Father, Like Son2013Hirokazu KoreedaJapanDrama
Lisa and the Devil1973Mario BavaItalyHorror
Looking for Hortense2012Pascal BonitzerFranceComedy, Drama
Love Crime aka 'Crime D'Amour'2010Alain CorneauFranceCrime, Romance
Love is All You Need2012Susanne BierDenmark, UKComedy, Romance
Love is Colder Than Death1969Rainer Werner FassbinderGermanyComedy, Crime
Lucky Luke2009James HuthFranceComedy, Western
Ludwig1973Luchino ViscontiFrance, Germany, ItalyDrama
Madman1981Joe GiannoneUSAHorror
Magnus2016Benjamin ReeNorwayDocumentary
Main Street2010John DoyleUSADrama
Malatesta's Carnival of Blood1973Christopher SpeethUSAHorror
Massacre Gun1967Yasuharu HasebeJapanCrime, Drama
Men and Chicken2015Anders Thomas JensenDenmarkComedy, Drama
Microwave Massacre1983Wayne BerwickUSAHorror, Comedy
Miracle in Milan1951Vittorio De SicaItalyDrama, Fantasy
Modigliani of Montparnasse1958Jacques BeckerFrance, ItalyDrama
Mona Lisa1986Neil JordanUKCrime, Drama
Moonshine Mountain1964Herschell Gordon LewisUSADrama
Motorway2012Pou-Soi CheangChinaAction, Crime
Mr Morgans Last Love2013Sandra NettelbeckGermany, USAComedy, Drama, Romance
Murder Un-Incorporated1965Haruyasu NoguchiJapanComedy, Crime
My Life as a Dog1985Lasse HallstromSwedenComedy, Drama
Nekromantik1987Jorg ButtgereitGermanyHorror
Nekromantik 21991Jorg ButtgereitGermanyHorror
Nightmare City1980Umberto LenziItaly, SpainHorror, Sci-Fi
Northwest2013Michael NoerDenmarkCrime, Drama
Nuns on the Run1990Jonathan LynnUKComedy
Oba, the Last Samurai2011Hideyuki HirayamaJapanDrama, War
One Step Behind2005Birger LarsenDenmarkCrime, Thriller
Out 1: Noli, me tangere1971Jacques Rivette, Suzanne SchiffmanFranceDrama
Out 1: Spectre1972Jacques RivetteFranceDrama
Outlaw Black Dagger1968Keiichi OzawaJapanCrime
Outlaw Gangster VIP1968Keiichi OzawaJapanCrime
Outlaw Gangster VIP 21968Keiichi OzawaJapanCrime
Outlaw Goro the Assassin1968Keiichi OzawaJapanCrime
Outlaw Heatless1968Keiichi OzawaJapanCrime
Outlaw Kill!1969Keiichi OzawaJapanCrime
Paranormal Incident2011Matthew BoltonUSAHorror, Sci-Fi
Paranormal Incident 2 (616: Paranormal Incident 2)2013David ChirchirilloUSAHorror
Perceval le Gallois1978Eric RohmerFranceDrama, Romance
Perfect Sense2011David MackenzieUKDrama, Romance
Phantasm1979Don CoscarelliUSAHorror, Fantasy
Phantasm II1988Don CoscarelliUSAHorror, Fantasy
Phantasm III1994Don CoscarelliUSAHorror, Fantasy
Phantasm Oblivion1998Don CoscarelliUSAHorror, Fantasy
Phantasm Ravager2016David HartmanUSAHorror, Fantasy
Phenomena1985Dario ArgentoItalyHorror
Pioneer2013Erik SkjoldbjaergNorwayThriller
Pit Stop1969Jack HillUSAAction, Drama
Poetry2010Chang-dong LeeSouth KoreaDrama
Politics Of Love (Nailed)2015David O. RussellUSAComedy
Property is no Longer a Theft1973Elio PetriItaly, FranceComedy, Drama
Quatre aventures de Reinette et Mirabelle (aka Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle)1987Éric RohmerFranceComedy, Drama, Romance
Quiet Flows The Don1957Sergey GerasimovRussiaDrama, War
Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan2011Gilles PensoFrance, UKDocumentary
Red Pier1958Toshio MasudaJapanCrime, Thriller
Requiescant1967Carlo LizzaniItalyWestern
Retaliation (Shima Wa Moratta)1968Yasuharu HasebeJapanAction, Crime
Return to Sender2015Fouad MikatiUSADrama, Thriller
Rififi1955Jules DassinFranceCrime, Thriller
Roy Colt and Winchester Jack1970Mario BavaItalyWestern
Runaway Train1985Andrei KonchalovskiyUSAAction
Salute2008Matt NormanAustralia, USADocumentary
Salvatore Giuliano1962Francesco RosiItalyCrime, Drama
Satan's Blade1984L. Scott Castillo Jr.USAHorror
Score1974Radley MetzgerUSAComedy, Drama
Scum of the Earth1963Herschell Gordon LewisUSADrama, Thriller
Season of the Witch (aka Hungry Wives)

1972George A. RomeroUSAHorror, Fantasy
She-Devils on Wheels1968Herschell Gordon LewisUSAAction, Crime
Shut In2016Farren BlackburnCanadaThriller
Snowmen2010Robert KirbysonUSAComedy, Family
Society1989Brian YuznaUSAHorror, Comedy
Something Weird1967Herschell Gordon LewisUSAHorror, Fantasy
Spider Baby1967Jack HillUSAHorror, Comedy
State Affairs2009Eric ValetteFranceThriller
Stations of the Cross2014Dietrich BrüggemannFrance, GermanyDrama
Stray Cat Rock: Beat '711971Toshiya FujitaJapanAction, Crime
Stray Cat Rock: Delinquent Girl Boss1970Yasuharo HasebeJapanAction, Crime
Stray Cat Rock: Machine Animal1970Yasuharu HasebeJapanAction, Crime
Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter1970Yasuharu HasebeJapanAction, Crime
Stray Cat Rock: Wild Jumbo1970Toshiya FujitaJapanAction, Crime
Suture1993Scott McGehee, David SiegelUSADrama, Thriller
Svegliati E Uccidi (aka Wake Up and Die)1966Carlo LizzaniItalyCrime, Drama
Tenderness of the Wolves1973Ulli LommelGermanyCrime, Thriller
Tendres Cousines1980David HamiltonFranceDrama, Romance
Tenebrae1982Dario ArgentoItalyHorror, Crime
Territories2010Olivier AbbouCanada, FranceHorror, Thriller
The Beast1975Walerian BorowczykFranceHorror, Fantasy
The Benefactor2015Andrew RenziUSADrama
The Bitter Tears Petra Von Kant1972Rainer Werner FassbinderGermanyDrama, Romance
The Black Cat1981Lucio FulciItalyHorror
The Blind Women's Curse (Kaidan Nobori Ryu) (1970)1970Teruo IshiiJapanAction, Drama, Horror
The Burning1981Tony MaylamUSAHorror
The Burning (Ardor)2014Pablo FendrikArgentina, MexicoDrama, Western
The Card Player2004Dario ArgentoItalyHorror, Thriller
The Conspiracy2012Christopher MacBrideCanadaHorror, Thriller
The Crazies1973George A. RomeroUSAHorror, Sci-Fi
The Creeping Garden2014Tim Grabham, Jasper SharpUKDocumentary
The Driller Killer1979Abel FerraraUSAHorror, Drama
The Exorcism of Lisa2004Manlio GomarascaItalyShort
The Gore Gore Girls1972Herschell Gordon LewisUSAHorror, Comedy
The Gruesome Twosome1967Herschell Gordon LewisUSAHorror, Thriller
The Heineken Kidnapping2011Maarten TreurnietNetherlandsCrime, Thriller
The Hills Have Eyes1977Wes CravenUSAHorror
The Hour Of The Lynx2013Søren Kragh-JacobsenDenmark, SwedenCrime, Drama
The House of Exorcism1975Mario Bava, Alfredo LeoneItalyHorror
The Human Condition I: No Greater Love1959Masaki KobayashiJapanDrama, War
The Human Condition II: Road to Eternity1959Masaki KobayashiJapanDrama, War
The Human Condition III: A Soldier's Prayer1961Masaki KobayashiJapanDrama, War
The Hunt2012Thomas VinterbergDenmarkDrama
The Hunters1996Kjell SundvallSwedenCrime, Thriller
The Lickerish Quartet1970Radley MetzgerItaly, USADrama
The Long Good Friday1980John MackenzieUKCrime, Drama
The Marriage of Maria Braun1979Rainer Werner FassbinderGermanyDrama
The Merchant of Four Seasons1972Rainer Werner FassbinderGermanyDrama
The Mutilator1984Buddy Cooper, John DouglassUSAHorror
The Physician2013Philipp StölzlGermanyDrama, Adventure
The Premontion1976Robert Allen SchnitzerUSAHorror, Thriller
The Rambling Guitarist (Gitaa o Motta Wataridori)1959Buichi SaitôJapanCrime
The Shrine2010Jon KnautzCanadaHorror
The Slayer1982J.S. CardoneUSAHorror
The Sorrow and the Pity1969Marcel OphülsFrance, GermanyDocumentary
The Stag2013John ButlerIrelandComedy
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne1981Walerian BorowczykFranceHorror
The Suspicious Death of a Minor1975Sergio MartinoItalyComedy, Crime, Thriller
The Swinging Cheerleaders1974Jack HillUSAComedy
The Taste of Money2012Sang-soo ImSouth KoreaDrama, Thriller
The Tin Drum1979Volker SchlöndorffGermanyDrama, War
The Tokyo Mighty Guy1960Buichi SaitôJapanDrama
The Virgin and the Gypsy1970Christopher MilesUKDrama, Romance
The Voices2014Marjane SatrapiUSAComedy
The Witch Who Came From the Sea1976Matt CimberUSAHorror
The Wizard of Gore1970Herschell Gordon LewisUSAHorror
The Zero Boys1986Nico MastorakisUSAHorror, Thriller
Theatre de M. et Mme. Kabal (aka Mr. and Mrs. Kabal's Theatre)1967Walerian BorowczykFranceAnimation, Comedy
This Stuff'll Kill Ya!1971Herschell Gordon LewisUSADrama, Crime
Time Bandits1981Terry GilliamUKComedy, Adventure
Tommy2014Tarik SalehSwedenCrime, Drama
Too Late For Tears1949Byron HaskinUSACrime, Drama
Tout va Bien1972Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre GorinFrance, ItalyDrama
Two Thousand Maniacs1964Herschell Gordon LewisUSAHorror
Un Secret2007Claude MillerFranceDrama, War
Vampire Warriors2010Dennis LawHong KongAction, Thriller
Voice without A Shadow1958Seijun SuzukiJapanCrime, Drama
Waltz for Monica (aka Monica Z)2013Per FlySwedenDrama
We Are The Flesh2016Emiliano Rocha MinterMexicoHorror, Fantasy
When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun : The History of Tibet2010Dirk SimonUSADocumentary
Whisky Galore!2017Gilles McKinnonUKComedy
White of the Eye1987Donald CammellUSAHorror, Thriller
Wild Horses2015Robert DuvallUSACrime, Drama
Withnail and I1987Bruce RobinsonUKComedy, Drama
Wolf Guy: Moero Okamiotoko1975Kazuhiko YamaguchiJapanAction, Horror
Woman on the Run1950Norman FosterUSACrime, Drama
Womb2010Benedek FliegaufFrance, GermanyDrama, Sci-Fi, Romance
Your Vice Is A Locked Room and Only I Have The Key1972Sergio MartinoItalyThriller
Yumeji1991Seijun SuzukiJapanMystery
Zigeunerweisen1980Seijun SuzukiJapanHorror, Mystery