Almost Heaven

Carol Salter / 2017 / United Kingdom / 72 mins

Mandarin spoken with English subtitles

Afraid of ghosts and far from home, 17-year-old Ying Ling is preparing for her exams at one of China’s largest funeral homes. An intimate documentary portrait offering a respectful glimpse of the fears, friendships and joys of a woman approaching adulthood.
Format available on:
DCP, DVD and QT ProRes

When available to screen from: 15th September

Please get in touch to discuss. Potential for Q&A with Director, dependent on availability.
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Why should you book it:
Almost Heaven creates opportunity to reflect and talk about death, and opens up the subject that we shy away from.
It will appeal to arthouse and documentary lovers looking for a lens to Asian culture.
Almost Heaven juxtaposes life and death, and it seems as if we’ve almost forgotten that this is also how nature presents life to us.”Goethe-Institut
Complimentary programming ideas?
  • Groups wanting to discuss death, such as Death cafes, death doulas, professionals such as funeral directors, aftercare organisations, humanists
  • Chinese communities / interest groups/ Chinese students
  • Youth groups in general across the UK – it was screened in Berlin, Generation 14+
  • Women’s groups – a female director and strong female lead contributor
  • Curious Doc / Art house lovers
Key words:
Coming of Age