Second Run DVD – Discounts

For the seventh year running, Scalarama is delighted to announce our continued partnership with Second Run DVD, the UK’s world-renowned distributors of rare and overlooked wonders of cinema.


“Second Run are thrilled to again be part of Scalarama’s world-wide celebration of film and community”

Second Run are a UK-based DVD company specialising in the release of important and award-winning films from all around the world. Second Run films encompass many genres and languages; what distinguishes them is their quality and their ethos. They are niche-market films which they hope anyone who seriously cares about cinema would want in their collection – but which, crucially, have never before been available anywhere in the world on DVD; and now are, additionally, being presented with newly-translated English subtitles.

Every Second Run release is re-mastered to the best possible sound and picture quality, under the supervision and guidance of the film’s Director whenever possible. Their films always appear only in their original aspect ratio and in their original language version with on/off English subtitles.

For Scalarama, Second Run DVD are offering their films to be booked for screenings at the special discount rate of £60 per title (plus £5 to send a screening disc if you are unable to purchase it yourself.)

To book any of the below titles, contact Chris Barwick on, quoting Scalarama and letting him know when you are looking to screen which film and where, and which format you want to show it on (Blu-ray available for selected titles, see below table for formats).

Please note: Karel Zeman’s THE FABULOUS BARON MUNCHAUSEN, released on DVD in June, is exempt from this offer.

A Blonde in Love (Lásky jedné plavovlásky)Miloš FormanCzechoslovakia1965DVD
A Long Weekend in Pest and Buda (Egy hét Pesten és Budán)Károly MakkHungary2003DVD
AdelheidFrantišek VláčilCzechoslovakia1969DVD
All My Good Countrymen (Všichni dobrí rodáci)Vojtěch JasnýCzech Republic1968DVD
All White in Barking / Men of the CityMarc IsaacsUK2007 / 2009DVD
Another Way (Egymasra nezve)Károly MakkHungary1982DVD
Audition/Talent Competition (Konkurs)Milos FormanCzechoslovakia1963DVD
Avenge but one of my two eyes (Nekam achat mishtey eynay)Avi MograbiIsrael/France2005DVD
Birds, Orphans and Fools (Vtáčkovia, siroty a blázni)Juraj JakubiskoSlovak1969DVD
Black Snow (Ben ming nian)Xie FeiChina1990DVD
Black SunGary TarnUK2005DVD
Blissfully Yours (Sud sanaeha)Apichatpong WeerasethakulThailand2002DVD
Blood (O Sangue)Pedro CostaPortugal1989DVD
Casa de LavaPedro CostaPortugal1994DVD
CeliaAnn TurnerAustralia1988DVD
Celluloid ManShivendra Singh DungarpurIndia2012DVD
Confidence (Bizalom)István SzabóHungary1979DVD
Confrontation, The (Fényes szelek)Miklós JancsóHungary1968DVD
Cremator, The (Spalovac mrtvol)Juraj HerzCzechoslovakia1968DVD
Czechoslovak New Wave: A Collection, TheJan Němec / Ivan Passer /
Juraj Herz
Czechoslovakia1964 / 1965 / 1968DVD
Czechoslovak New Wave: Collection Volume II, TheMiloš Forman / Jan Němec /
Jiří Menzel
Czechoslovakia1965 / 1966 / 1969DVD
Daisies (Sedmikrásky)Věra ChytilováCzechoslovakia1966DVD
David Holzman's DiaryJim McBrideUSA1967DVD
Diamonds of the Night (Démanty noci)Jan NěmecCzechoslovakia1964DVD
Diary for my Children (Napló gyermekeimnek)Márta MészárosHungary1984DVD
Divorce Iranian Style / RunawayKim Longinotto & Ziba Mir-HosseiniUK1997 / 2001DVD
Dragon’s Return (Drak sa vracia)Eduard GrečnerCzechoslovakia1967DVD
Ear, The (Ucho)Karel KachynaCzechoslovakia1970DVD
Electra, My LoveMiklós JancsóHungary1974DVD / Blu-ray
EroicaAndrzej MunkPoland1957DVD
Escape from the 'Liberty' Cinema (Ucieczka z kina 'Wolność')Wojciech MarczewskiPoland1990DVD
Every Little Thing (La Moindre des choses)Nicolas PhilibertFrance1997DVD
Father (Apa)István SzabóHungary1966DVD
Fighters / Real MoneyRon PeckUK1991 / 1995DVD
František Vláčil Collection, TheFrantišek Vláčil / Tomáš HejtmánekCzechoslovakia1967 / 1969 / 2003DVD
Fruit of Paradise (Ovoce stromů rajských jíme)Věra ChytilováCzechoslovakia1969DVD
Gaea Girls / Shinjuku BoysKim Longinotto & Jano WilliamsUK2000 / 1995DVD
Here, ThenMao MaoChina2012DVD
Horse Money (Cavalo Dinheiro)Pedro CostaPortugal2014DVD / Blu-ray
Hungarian Masters Collection, TheMiklós Jancsó, Károly Makk, Márta MészárosHungary1964 / 1971 / 1982DVD
Joshua Oppenheimer - Early WorksJoshua OppenheimerUS/UK/Denmark1995- 2003DVD
Ikarie XBJindřich PolákCzechoslovakia1963DVD
IlluminationKrzysztof ZanussiPoland1972DVD
In the Land of the Deaf (Le Pays des sourds)Nicolas PhilibertFrance1992DVD
IndependenciaRaya MartinPhilippines2009DVD
Innocent Sorcerers (Niewinni czarodzieje)Andrzej WajdaPoland1960DVD
Interrogation (Przesluchanie)Ryszard BugajskiPoland1982DVD
Intimate Lighting (Intimní osvětlení)Ivan PasserCzechoslovakia1965DVD
Jester's Tale, A (Bláznova kronika)Karel ZemanCzechoslovakia1964DVD
KinettaYorgos LanthimosGreece2005DVD
Knights of the Teutonic Order (Krzyzacy)Aleksander FordPoland1960DVD
Larks on a String (Skřivánci na niti)Jiří MenzelCzechoslovakia1969DVD
Lift / Travellers / Calais: The Last BorderMarc IsaacsUK2001 / 2002 / 2003DVD
Lighthouse, The (Mayak)Maria SaakyanRussia2006DVD
LiverpoolLisandro AlonsoArgentina2008DVD
Love (Szerelem)Károly MakkHungary1971DVD
Man of Marble (Człowiek z marmuru)Andrzej WajdaPoland1976DVD
Man of the Story (Kathapurushan)Adoor GopalakrishnanIndia1995DVD
Markéta LazarováFrantišek VláčilCzechoslovakia1967DVD
Miklós Jancsó Collection, TheMiklós JancsóHungary1964 / 1965 / 1967DVD
MorgianaJuraj HerzCzechoslovakia1971DVD
Mother Joan of the AngelsJerzy KawalerowiczPoland1960DVD
Mundane History (Jao Nok Krajok)Anocha SuwichakornpongThailand2009DVD
My 20th Century (Az én XX. századom)Ildikó EnyediHungary1988DVD / Blu-ray
Mysterious Object at Noon (Dokfa nai meuman)Apichatpong WeerasethakulThailand2000DVD / Blu-ray
My Way Home (Így jöttem)Miklós JancsóHungary1964DVD
Night Train (Pociąg)Jerzy KawalerowiczPoland1959DVD
One. Two. OneMania AkbariIran2011DVD
Our Beloved Month of August (Aquele Querido Mês de Agosto)Miguel GomesPortugal2008DVD
Palms (Ladoni)Artur AristakisyanRussia1993DVD
PartitionKen McMullenUK1987DVD
Party and the Guests, The (O slavnosti a hostech)Jan NěmecCzechoslovakia1966DVD
Passenger (Pasazerka)Andrzej MunkPoland1961-
People of the Mountains (Emberek a havason)István SzőtsHungary1942DVD
Pictures of the Old World (Obrazy starého sveta)Dušan HanákCzechoslovakia1972DVD
Polish Cinema ClassicsAndrzej Wajda, Jerzy Kawalerowicz, Janusz Morgenstern, Andrzej MunkPoland1957 / 1959 / 1960DVD
Polish Cinema Classics Volume IIAndrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Zanussi, Wojciech MarczewskiPoland1972 / 1974 / 1990DVD
Polish Cinema Classics Volume IIIMarek Piwowski, Krzysztof Zanussi, Wojciech MarczewskiPoland1970 / 1977 / 1981DVD
The Promised Land (Ziemia obiecana)Andrzej WajdaPoland1974DVD
Rat-Trap (Elippathayam)Adoor GopalakrishnanIndia1981DVD
Red and the White, The (Csillagosok, katonak)Miklos JancsoHungary1967DVD
Red Psalm (Még kér a nép)Miklós JancsóHungary1971DVD
Romeo, Juliet and Darkness (Romeo, Julia a tma)Jiří WeissCzechoslovakia1960DVD
Round Up, The (Szegénylegények)Miklós JancsóHungary1965DVD
SentimentTomáš HejtmánekCzech Republic2003DVD
Shop on the High Street, The (Obchod na korze)Ján Kadár & Elmar KlosCzechoslovakia1965DVD / Blu-ray
Sofia's Last Ambulance (Poslednata lineika na Sofia)Ilian MetevBulgaria2012DVD
Someday My Prince Will Come/ Philip and His Seven WivesMarc IsaacsUK2005 / 2006DVD
Something Different (O něčem jiném) A Bagful of Fleas (Pytel blech)Věra ChytilováCzechoslovakia1963 / 1962DVD
Story of My Death (Història de la meva mort)Albert SerraSpain/France2013DVD
Stella CadenteLluís MiñarroSpain2014DVD
Stuff and Dough (Marfa și banii)Cristi PuiuRomania2001DVD
Sun in a Net, The (Slnko v sieti)Štefan UherCzechoslovakia1962DVD
SzindbádZoltán HuszárikHungary1971DVD
Taşkafa: Stories of the Street/ Estate, a ReverieAndrea Luka ZimmermanUK2013
Third Part of the Night (Trzecia część nocy)Andrzej ŻuławskiPoland1971DVD
Three Wishes for Cinderella (Tři oříšky pro Popelku)Václav VorlíčekCzechoslovakia1973DVD
Transport from Paradise (Transport z ráje)Zbyněk BrynychCzechoslovakia1962DVD
Traps (Pasti, pasti, pasticky)Věra ChytilováCzech Republic1998DVD
Tropical Malady (Sud pralad)Apichatpong WeerasethakulThailand2004DVD
Tuesday, After ChristmasRadu MunteanRomania2010DVD
Unpolished, The (Die Unerzogenen)Pia MaraisGermany2006DVD
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Valerie a týden divů)Jaromil JirešCzechoslovakia1970DVD
Valley of the Bees, The (Údolí včel)František VláčilCzechoslovakia1967DVD
War and Peace (Jang aur Aman)Anand PatwardhanIndia2002DVD
White Dove, The / Josef KiliánFrantišek Vláčil / Pavel Jurácek and Jan SchmidtCzechoslovakia1960 / 1963DVD