Dir. Don Sharp, UK, 1973, 95 mins
Formats: DVD / Blu-Ray
Available from: 12th Sep 2016
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Non-Theatrical: £65 Flat Fee
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Synopsis: Newly restored by the BFI after decades in obscurity, Psychomania is one of the shining oddities of 70s cinema, a supernatural thriller about a gang of undead bikers who worship frogs and terrorise the innocent shoppers of Walton-on-Thames. Written by two blacklisted Americans, directed by a jobbing Australian and with a sensational psych-funk soundtrack by John Cameron. Psychomania is blessed with a bizarre cast which mixes well-spoken youngsters with confused pros like Beryl Reid and – in his final role – George Sanders. Come and ride with the Living Dead – if you dare! Blu-ray released on 19th Sep.

Trailer: New restored trailer to follow but original trailer below

Why Show it? Cracking 70’s British cult movie. New BFI Flipside release on DVD/Blu-ray from 19th September 2016.