PROJECT 51 As the comic that inspired the Bechdel test reaches its 30th anniversary this year and with headline after headline talking about the problem, let’s focus on the solution. Aim: achieve equality in film programming with Scalarama 2015, not just in what is shown, but who shows it – and we’re not just talking about gender. Working with our distributor partners, Scalarama will present a selection of titles that will truly display the range of cinema. In partnership with Directed by Women, the worldwide viewing party, 1 – 15 September 2015.

  • SHIRLEY CLARKE RETROSPECTIVE: The Cool World / The Connection / A Portrait of Jason / Ornette: Made in America


Celluloid Forever What’s that mmmmm? It’s the sound of a cinephile being told a film screening will be on celluloid. We all love real film, right? But with projectionists being reduced to button pushers, it’s time to make September the time when celluloid lives again. Film enthusiasts from around the world are encouraged to heckle their local cinema for celluloid, to unearth prints and show them, to raise the volume and to categorically state – film is NOT dead, it’s just having a rest in optimum storage conditions. 70… 35… 16… 8… All are Super!

VHSTIVAL Or… Forget Celluloid, VHS is the new Vinyl! A celebration of all thing video: the tapes, the artwork and of course the video store. It’s the VCR’s 40th birthday next year so let’s get the party started early and relive our memories of when films were chunky. Scalarama made a Video Palace for Flatpack with Viva VHS and DVDBANG back in March… can it live again?


VOTE WATERS: John Waters’ film have been a mainstay of the Scala seasons and the Pope of Trash has supported the initiative since the beginning, culminating in last year’s return of Polyester in Odorama. Now it’s time to say thank you – as the BFI present a full retrospective of his work in September, we want cinemas to go wild for Waters. Let’s make this land truly filthy… and divine.

SECOND RUN: FIRST TEN Keepers of the flames of nearly 100 lost gems of cinema to date, Second Run celebrate their 10th anniversary in September.  Not just legends in their dedication to bringing works of pure beauty and emotion back into circulation, Mehelli and Chris are THE nicest guys we have ever worked with, instantly understanding Scalarama’s aims since day one. It’s time to celebrate their amazing catalogue and support them as they present their first foray into theatrical distribution this year with HORSE MONEY.


Shared Programme Titles:


BEGOTTEN (Elias Merhige, USA 1990) 72MINS, 16mm print with live soundtrack by The Begotten. Film information here. Soundtrack/event information here. Have music, will travel.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (Rupert Julian, USA 1925) 77 mins. Silent with live soundtrack by Minima. Available for booking, along with Minima’s catalogue titles. Information here.

DRAGON INN (King Hu, Taiwan 1967) – new restoration presented by Eureka Films. Information (press kit, pdf).

TAKESHI KITANO: FIREWORKS (Hana-bi), KIKUJIRO, DOLLS (Blu-ray) – new 2K transfers from Third Window Films. Information.

A SNAKE OF JUNE (Shinya Tsukamoto, Japan 2003) also from Third Window Films. HD transfer. Twitch love it – information here.

ROAR (Noel Marshall, US 1981) from US-based Olive Films, recently released in US by Drafthouse Films. Information.

54: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT (Mark Christopher, US 1999) party like it’s Studio 54 with this fully restored vision of 70’s decadence, as the director intended. More sleaze and less heteronormative. From Park Circus.

McLIBEL (Franny Armstrong, UK 2005) & A TIME COMES (Nick Broomfield, UK 2009) – people power – activism double bill simulatenously screened by 7 members of the Radical Film Network across the UK at the same time.