Lost Highway (35mm)

Kicking off Scalarama Brighton and Beyond in true Scalarama style is a late-night screening of David Lynch's surreal psychological thriller Lost Highway. This noir-influenced spine-chiller follows a jazz saxophonist (Bill Pullman) who, after a bizarre encounter at a party, is framed for the murder of his wife (Patricia Arquette). In prison, the man inexplicably transforms into a […]

£8.60 – £11.60

Metropolis + Dmytro Morykit live

Scalarama Brighton and Beyond, Brighton Digital Festival, and the Duke of York’s Picturehouse are proud to celebrate the Duke’s 107th birthday with this unique screening of Metropolis, with a live piano accompaniment from Scottish-based musician Dmytro Morykit. Written by Thea Von Harbou and directed by Fritz Lang, Metropolis is a German silent expressionist film regarded […]


The Passion of Joan of Arc (35mm) + Live Score from Heliopause and This Ship Argo

Marking the 108th anniversary of the Duke of York’s and the 90th anniversary of Carl Theodor Dreyer’s powerful masterwork The Passion of Joan of Arc, Scalarama and the Duke’s are presenting this seminal silent film from a rare 35mm print with a new and original live score performed by Heliopause and This Ship Argo. This […]

£12.20 – £14.20
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