Pot luck (L’auberge espagnole)

On ocassion of the European Day of Languages 2019 on 26th September, the Instituto Cervantes in Leeds celebrates a free film screening of the French-Spanish production Pot Luck (L’auberge espagnole, Cédric Klapisch, 2002).

Xavier is a 27-year-old Parisian who decides to go to Barcelona for the last year of his university studies in economic sciences. The day he goes to Spain his mother and his girlfriend go with him to the airport. It’s quite clear that Xavier is relieved to leave his mother but sad to be separated form his girlfriend Martine. When he arrives in Barcelona he looks for a place to live and finally finds a flat in the centre which he shares with 6 people each from a different European country. All of them are in the same situation; all of them are studying in Barcelona through the European university exchange scheme, ERASMUS.

Free screening / French language with English subtitles / Limited spaces, booking needed

Trailer (English subtitled):

Pot luck at IMDB: