Each year, the Scalarama organisers produce a free printed newspaper that is available across the UK, featuring new articles on films and cinemas by those involved in the season.

If you would like to contribute to the 2017 newspaper or would like to be sent a physical copy of previous editions, please email the Scalarama team at hello@scalarama.com.

2016 Edition: Admit All

Featuring the full listings of screenings across the UK, new articles on Psychomania, Out of Print and Spirit of the Beehive, words from our friends Into Film and Cinema For All, a leading provocation from Liverpool-based filmmaker Sandi Hughes and much much more – plus the London Underground as Films, and FREE popcorn!

Design by Chris Jackson and Jonathan Spencer.

You can read the issue online below or by clicking here.

2015 Edition: VOTE CINEMA!

The 2015 edition featured a leading provocation by Peter Strickland (Berberian Sound Studio, The Duke of Burgundy), included interviews with John Waters and Second Run DVD founder Mehelli Modi, focused on the core themes of this year’s season and covered amazing cinema initiatives from across the UK.

Design by Chris Jackson.

You can read the issue online below or by clicking here.


2014 Edition: Fill the Land with Cinemas!

2014’s 40-page edition, edited by Stanley Schtinter, featured contributions from filmmakers Martin Scorsese, John Waters, Jorg Buttgereit and Chris Petit, partners from the Scalarama network Reece Goddard (Certificate X), Christina Newland (Watergate Cinematek) and Nia Edwards-Behi (Abertoir) and writers Iain Sinclair, Jonathan Rosenbaum and Jarett Kobek amongst many others.

Design by Mike Leedham / 2D Design.

You can read the issue online below or by clicking here.