The Kinematic Film Club is a new approach to watching films. Cinema is a social activity, so their film nights are like nights in with your mates, but they provide a big screen, cool entertainment, an amazing film programme and a fully stocked bar!

Screenings are exclusive to members only (anyone can easily join) and with a programme including an eclectic mix of cult, classic, horror, action, documentary- anything which is good to watch communally!- who wouldn’t want to be a member of that club? The Kinematic want to create a community around film, where members can enjoy, discuss and celebrate a film collectively. To build this community, members at the screening will have access to some awesome events to compliment the film; from live music to Q&As, quizzes to workshops. Every fourth month The Kinematic Film Club will have a surprise screening. This could be anything from a top doc, classic action, oddball animation, fancy foreign language; something a bit more unusual…

My favourite nights out when I was younger was to go down the road to the local cinema with a bunch of my friends,” Alex MacDonald, one of The Kinematic Film Club founders remembers, “it didn’t matter what the film was, it was about the shared experience of sitting in a dark room and having fun. Our film club is about recreating that sense of fun and community”.

The Kinematic Film Club is held at Make. North Docks, in their beautiful atrium, and takes place every third Thursday of the month for member only screenings. Membership to The Kinematic Film Club gives you access to all this for a whole year.

There is a desire in the city to experience film in alternative ways to the multiplex, so we have created our film club for those people; if you’re a film buff, cineast or cult movie fan, this is for you! Join us:


Our next screenings are Children of Men followed by Titanic. Check out our website for our current programme. There is currently an introductory offer on Single Memberships at £35.

Since then we have been working on setting up our members-only film club. This film club is to run alongside other pop-up events and will lead to us opening a permanent cinema.

For more info contact >>  Alex MacDonald & Lucy Gonzalez  email