Help fund the Scalarama newspaper

We’re looking to raise money to get the amazing Scalarama newspaper designed, edited, printed and distributed, plus fund the design and print of all the localised Scalarama flyers across the UK.

So we’ve decided to try and find a sustainable funding model, that isn’t reliant on public arts funding each year.  We’ve got some sponsorship, and some private money, and now need a bit extra so that we can pay for some of the most important pieces of each Scalarama season – the flyers and the newspaper.

See previous editions of the newspaper here:

These pieces of print not only tell audiences what’s going on, they tell everyone about the great community that Scalarama is.  The newspaper has great ideas, great writing from a diverse range of people that you might otherwise not get to read.  The flyers are there to inspire, to encourage new exhibitors at a local level.  They’re also amazing pieces of design from all the talented designers out there!


We’ve raised some private finance and sponsorship, but are still looking for £4,000 to cover the costs of the newspaper and flyers:

  • Newspaper printing
  • Newspaper design and editing
  • Local flyers design and print
  • Newspaper distribution

So if you can help out by supporting this year’s Scalarama, you’d be supporting an area where there is a real enthusiasm for cinema, for films from around the world, films that spark debate, for screenings that address the gender imbalance, diversity, social inclusion, for films and screenings that bring people together, across the UK.

Help support Scalarama by donating to our crowdfunder today