Scalarama 2017 – Fill the World with Cinemas this September

It’s officially 100 days to go until Scalarama 2017!

What is Scalarama? Well, imagine a month of cinema, where every September, everyone visits their local cinema, discovers a new film or venue, or is even tempted to start their own film screenings. It’s about everyone, coming together, to share ideas, friendship and community through film.

How do I take part? Scalarama wants to fill the world with cinemas. Events are being planned locally by the various people who have been involved in the celebration since 2011. If you are keen to go to an event, you can find out what is planned for September from the end of July / beginning of August. If you want to be more involved and possibly put on an event yourself, check out the resources on this site if you want to make sure events are happening where you are.

What’s the cost? Individual event organisers set their own event prices. For organisers, there is no cost to being part of Scalarama but there is likely to be costs involved putting on the event (licensing for film, venue hire, marketing). Scalarama doesn’t take a cut of the box office or ticket price. Scalarama is just there to support local grassroots film culture and celebrate cinema!

What’s going to happen over the next 100 days? Event organisers are encouraged to meet locally to help encourage and support each other’s events. The Scalarama central support team contacts networks, organisations and distributors to help spread the word about the season and also see if any special offers or promotions can be offered for those involved. Events can be submitted via this website, and there is a print deadline for the Scalarama newspaper on 13th July. Organisers can still submit events throughout the season – the events just need to take place during September to be included in Scalarama. From the end of July / start of August, the full line up of events across the UK and the world will be circulated, to get people ready for the cinema celebration that is September’s Scalarama!

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