Start a Local Scalarama!

So you want to transform where you live into a mecca of cinema-loving action?! Scalarama is the best place to start.

Scalarama can happen everywhere, in its mission to Fill the World with Cinemas!

Since 2011, Scalarama has taken place in over 200 different cities, towns and villages in several countries. Over the years, local clusters of exhibitors have grouped together in cities to plan their September events in advance – sharing information on venues and equipment, knowledge, friendship and encouragement, as well as making sure events try not to overlap or take place at the same time. Marketing, promotion, design, social media and programming happens locally, with a central support team organising nationwide partnerships and publicity.

It’s not just cities – many town and villages have seen Scalarama events take place in local cinemas, community centres, parks… You just need to find local like-minded cinema enthusiasts and Scalarama <insert place name here> is go!

If you want to organise a local Scalarama, drop the central support team an email so they can let you know what is involved – email for more info and for tips on how to get started.

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