Scalarama: Celebrating Cinema Every September

Since 2011, Scalarama has seen September transformed into the month of cinema, where films clubs, venues, groups and movie lovers unite to shine a spotlight on all the different ways to watch films together on the big screen. With over 500 different organisations taking part so far, from complete newcomers to established cinemas, Scalarama is the biggest and widest film event of its kind, and a perfect time to start your own film screenings.

Scalarama is a celebration of cinema, by everyone, for everyone, everywhere. Anyone can put on an event – it just needs to take place between 1 – 30 September.

From April, interested participants start to meet locally to plan and coordinate their activities so they don’t overlap, organise workshops for people who are new to screening film and discuss ideas that could be shared around the country. May is when these shared programme ideas come together, and then by the end of June, a plan comes together. July sees all the events submitted so far published on this website and in promotional material – and August is when everyone makes some noise to get everybody prepared for a month of cinema!

Want to find out more about local groups? Head to our Locations section…

Want to find out more about the history of Scalarama and previous years’ activities? The About section has all the info.

Want to learn about how to put on your own film screenings? I Want To Be A Cinema has you covered.


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